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Exciting and Huge from the bibillions Secret skype room


Something Exciting and Huge from bitbillions secret skype room

From the bitbillions secret skype room, it is certain that something HUGE is coming to bitbillions between now and the end of the year.

You could even say this is MEGA BIG.

It is going to make everyone lots of money in 2016 and beyond.

Actually, for some of people, it is going to make MASSIVE improvements to their bank accounts.

I can’t spill the beans yet, but I can help you prepare you for massive Success.

To “go pro” and make the most money from this new, and really great opportunity, you will need 5 Credits. These credits you can acquire them through/from your bitbillions back office.

Free members can earn and participate, but if you REALLY want to make ongoing BIG MONEY in 2016 and beyond, you better be ready to “go pro”.

Be sure to set aside 5 Credits in your account to “go pro” the instant this MEGA thing hits the site.

I recommend you log into your bitbillions account today and set aside 5 credits. If you are not a member of bitbillions seceret skype room yet, you could click here to sign up, then request to be added to the sykpe room. It is 100% free to sign up and be members of bitbillions. You will NEVER be asked a DIME, yet you will have all the opportunities in the world to earn HUGE from Bitbillions, plus have the opportunity to put any business you are in in from of the whole world for peanuts, or pennies, which ever one you feel more comfortable with or can afford.

Go to bitbillions NOW!

Is there a better way to launch 2016 than having a HUGE, MEGA business that is 100% yours and 100% driven to make you lots of money in 2016 and beyond! David Ruebush, CEO of bitbillions also added this another clue:

Another clue: “We are launching into an industry that generated $1.672 TRILLION (online) in 2015 and is expected to reach $3.551 TRILLION (online) by 2019. Additionally, this is the single segment online where the most Internet Marketers make the most money. Actually, over 80% of all online earnings are generated in this manner. But here is the cool thing: until bitbillions launches our MEGA HIT, this online earning opportunity was mostly only available to people in the USA, Canada, Australia, and Europe. And, it has NEVER been available to a Team Matrix with roll-over commission capability. Soon, bitbillions will make this opportunity available in over 190 countries and we already have a Matrix with roll-over commission built in. THIS IS GOING TO ROCK!!!

Someone asked if it was going to be 5 credits per month?

The answer: It will be 5 Credits per YEAR!

Hope this helps. Join bitbillions today so as to participate in this opportunity.

If you are reading this after the end of the year, it is still earning, so get into today.

Go HERE to join Bitbillions today!

Hi, Pete here, AKA Bible, I am and enjoy being an IBO, really enjoy mentoring IBOs, to help enlighten them avoid the failing Curve in their Business.

Get Paid Social Market Place

2000px-AWS_Simple_Icons_On-Demand_Workforce_Amazon_Mechanical_Turk_Workers.svgGet Paid Social Market Place is the all in one paid social market place for small business owners and any one online looking to make any amount of money online.

Get Paid Social Market Place brings together money or income seeks and money givers or task creators from which one could make money

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Improve Your Social Reach

Did you know the average person has at least 100 friends and followers on popular social networks such as Facebook™ and Google+? What if you could get just 100 REAL, TARGETED peopleto share a social media post of yours for say just $10? That would give your social media post IMMEDIATE EXPOSURE to over 10,000 people! Pretty exciting right?

How It Works

Members Post Tasks in Get Paid Social Market Place

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You Complete The Tasks and boom – you get paid instantly

Tasks include simple & fast online actions such as sharing a social media post, liking a social media page, liking a website or various website content on Facebook™, visiting a website, watching a video, taking a survey, filling out a web form, or following someone on Twitter.

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Hi, Pete here, AKA Bible, I am and enjoy being an IBO, really enjoy mentoring IBOs, to help enlighten them avoid the failing Curve in their Business.

Cosmic Ordering Secret – My Health Restoration

Cosmic Ordering Secret and how it impacts lives!

Hi I am a single mom of an awesome little boy. To me he is my life, and I cannot do without him.

About three months earlier, I was breathing with difficulty while out for groceries and had to be admitted immediately. I was scared out of my wits then, thinking “Nothing must happen to me, who would take care of my son if I’m ill or down with something horrible?”

They took my blood, and did a few scans. Eventually, they diagnosed it as an weight issue. Even though my weight was just slightly above the average for my height, things were actually rather bad. The doctors were telling me I really gotta keep my weight down as soon as possible, which was rather difficult.

That was when I came across Cosmic Ordering Secret when I was researching online resources for the fastest way to lose weight.

To begin, Cosmic Ordering Secret reveals the awesome secret that we can Order whatever we want, perfectly legal of course, from the universe. Zoey Knightley, the author of the book, goes into detail, starting first with case studies of people who used Cosmic Ordering to attain their success, and then her own personal experience.

Next, she goes in-depth into how to create a Cosmic Order, the resources and tools to use and so on. In particular, I learned this technique – visualization. I never came across such a mind technique before, and it opened my mind to a lot of things. Now, I do a lot of visualization, and my whole life just became more positive.

The package for Cosmic Ordering Secret also comes with a few bonus reports or books. One of them is5 Common Foods That Boost Your Connection With The Universe. It was just what I needed at that time. I incorporated the foods as much as I could in my diet.

It was as if the Ordering heard me and granted my wish, because my college friend whom I lost in touch with suddenly found me through Facebook and connected with me, because they were planning a reunion among our college circle. She was a fitness trainer and when she heard of my situation, she immediately dropped everything and flew in to help me. I cried that day. She agreed with the content written in the bonus report and tailored an exercise and diet regime specially for me. Together with the knowledge I gained from Cosmic Ordering Secret, I started on the regime day and night.

Another useful report is the 7 Ways To Vanquish Energy Blocks. I find it very useful because it is an all-rounded guide for me to clear the energy blocks that were holding me back from getting my health back.

I am very grateful that my Ordering has been accepted and made true. I now regularly offer my gratitude to the universe for the health it restored to me. Now I truly cherish my health and make an every effort to keep healthy so that I can be around for my boy as long as I can.

Don’t underestimate the Cosmic Ordering force, because it WILL better your life!

Hi, Pete here, AKA Bible, I am and enjoy being an IBO, really enjoy mentoring IBOs, to help enlighten them avoid the failing Curve in their Business.

Living My Dream thanks to Cosmic Ordering Secret

Cosmic Ordering Secret makes Living your Dream reality.

Living life was supposed to be simple and easy, especially when you had a job which paid relatively well. However, it was anything but that. Due to our mortgage and daily expenses (we were a big family of ten), we were always running short. In fact, at one point in life, we had to subsist on food stamps. It was totally embarrassing. My self-esteem went on an all-low then.

You’ll probably think I’m crazy, but hear me out. Some historians believe that Christ spent 17 years of his early life between the age of 13 to 30 in India, learning Buddhism and the Vedas.

As blasphemous as it might seem, Christ’s teachings had considerable similarities to Buddhism.

Then came even more bad news, I was laid off due to organizational restructuring. It was a huge blow to me and the family. We were suddenly thrown into the abyss. I had a total breakdown at the thought of the bills, the creditors, the essential expenses etc. My wife nearly went into depression mode.

Just when I thought everything was hopeless, one of my ex co-workers, one of my greatest friends there, dropped me a note. He knew my dream to open a pizza place, and introduced me to Cosmic Ordering Secret. The reason why he recommended it was because of his own personal experience in fighting off bankruptcy just recently. To my shock, my life went into a complete change when I used it.

What Is The Cosmic Ordering Secret About?

Cosmic Ordering Secret is an extraordinary trove of information on this power called the universal force or the cosmos.

Because of my dire situation and I have nothing to lose, I thought why the hell not, and decided to give it a try.

The Cosmic Ordering Secret explains about the powerful force of ordering from the cosmos. It sounded strange and bizarre to me at first when my friend explained it to me. But there are a lot of case studies in the book which convinced me otherwise, including the very successful and famous Richard Branson.

To be honest, it will sound very simple what you need to do when you read the strategies. But it is this simplicity that is needed for that in order to achieve success in whatever you do. The force is there everywhere around you. You just need to harness it in the correct way, as provided in the various instructions.

The Results

When I was in college, my dream was to open my own pizza place. It stayed on with me for the longest time even though I worked in another un-related field after I graduated – accounting. Through the Cosmic Ordering Secret, I learned to tap onto this powerful force. By using the effective tools outlined in the book, I Ordered my dream on a daily basis, as often as I could. Through my Ordering, a mentor came into my life when I was looking the job vacancy boards in the community square. He turned out to be a shareholder of the famous pizza cafe in the town.

Now two months later, I am at work at the cafe, thanks to his recommendation. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity that came with the Cosmic Ordering Secret, that our family are not out on the streets or in worst shape. The best thing is my mentor is actually thinking of expanding his business, and he took me in because he thought he could groom me further for the leadership position. My dream is manifesting in an unexpected, but fulfilling, way.

Thank you Cosmic Ordering Secret!

Hi, Pete here, AKA Bible, I am and enjoy being an IBO, really enjoy mentoring IBOs, to help enlighten them avoid the failing Curve in their Business.